Can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender for soup?

If you are also confused about can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender, then we got you?

Now, as we know there is a lot of advancement in kitchen appliances that you can not differentiate them simply. Moreover, there are many tools that come with a different name but the same purpose. All the situations lead to confusion. This confusion also comes when we talk about a hand mixer or an immersion blender. The main purpose of our debate today is to differentiate for you the functionality of both the appliances.

When it comes to the blender, there are different names and substitutes. There are different types of names for blenders. For instance, you may hear an immersion blender. A stand mixer or a hand mixer. The important question that arises here is; can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender for soup?

Yes! You can, however, there is a difference. There is a difference in the functionality and the way of operating in an immersion blender and hand mixer. Both of these tools are work differently and have different uses. An immersion blender is a type of blender that all of us at our kitchen countertops. On the other hand, hand mixers relate more with a stand mixer. To know more detail about each appliance let’s have a detailed look.

Immersion blender & its uses

The name of the immersion blender comes from the fact that we can directly use it in a bowl and it immerses things in liquid. This functionality named it an immersion blender. If we look at the design, then it comes with chopping blades. The blades come in super sharp condition and break everything to a smooth consistency. So basically to turn a slid food into a liquid you may need an immersion blender.

When it comes to uses, the best immersion blender for soap making offers multiple uses. You can use them for liquifying foods, pureeing, and chopping. They can use right in the container and you can blend all kinds of hot soups, vegetables or all frozen fruits, etc. However, when it comes to blending any dry ingredient or slightly wet ingredient they do not function properly.

Moreover, they can also not consider as an ideal device for whipping as they don’t allow much air to comes in. Here you may need a best quality hand mixer instead of an immersion blender.

Hand mixer & its uses

Unlike an immersion blender, a hand mixer is a small device. It comes with two or three sharp blades for blending. Moreover, a hand mixer offers the option of variable speed and you can adjust the speed for mixing different kinds of foods. Moreover, they get power from a wall plug and offer a lot of power for blending. However, they cannot consider as the best option for putting directly into containers or into runny or hot liquids. They will work great on dry ingredients, however, like immersion blenders that can not make creamy liquids.
In other uses, they consider as an ideal device for beating eggs, whipping cream, combining batters, and for creating icing.

What you need a hand mixer or an immersion blender?

Now we will look at the clear difference in the design and uses of both the appliance. However, if you are still confused about the question of can I use and hand mixer instead of an immersion blender? Then, in my opinion, both devices are ideal for different purposes, so it would be great to have both on your kitchen countertop. There is a lot of overlap in the use of both the appliances, however, it totally depends on the need for cooking.

There are many people who use a single for all kinds of purposes. However, you may not get the same result for your cooking. Moreover, there are many who use both appliances in their required field for getting 100% result. If you are already an expert in the area of different tasks of the kitchen then you can easily pick any of them.


Today, we try to deliver complete information about the debate of can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender. Hope through our information you get enough knowledge to know about the uses of both the appliances. You can choose one if you think you mostly need that particular one. However, if you are a kitchen enthusiast, then you should have a hand mixer and an immersion blender on your kitchen countertop.


Q-1. Can you use a hand mixer to blend a soup?

Ans: In my opinion, for soups blending, the best appliance is an immersion blender. The immersion blender is especially for the pureeing of soups. Moreover, you can place them right into your hot soup container and you will find them super beneficial. The immersion blenders are best for the blending of hot soups.

Q-2. Why can’t you put hot liquids in a blender?

Ans: You can out an immersion blender but not a hand mixer. The reason is the hot soup can lid off the to and can also increase the pressure on the blender. However, when it comes to immersion blender you can puree hot soups. However, you cant ignore safety precautions here also. So always be careful about the proper use. The reason is the hot soup can burn you also.

Q-3. Can you put an immersion blender in hot soups?

Ans: Yes, you can. An immersion blender is especially for the pureeing and blending of hot soups or hot liquids. They can directly put into the container and you can blend your soups into creamy liquids with so much ease.

Q-4. Is an immersion blender the same as the mixer?

Ans: No, both are different appliances. However, the same names and functionality can lead to your confusion. For instance, the immersion blender is best for blending your hot soups, pureeing, and whipping. On the other hand, if you want to blend any dry kind of foods then a hand mixer will be an ideal device for your work.

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