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Are solo cups microwave safe?

Solo cup

Are solo cups microwave safe

It’s the most asking question recently I heard, are solo cups microwave safe? Or are solo cups microwavable or not. I’m tried to finding the answer to the question and finally, I came to a decision. Ok, let me explain it.

In a word, we can say, no. A solo cup is not microwaveable. Although it is quite strong, it does not have much heat capacity. If hot water is poured into it, it will be coming flexible very fast. You must have noticed its flexibility when buying coffee from the shop. When hot water enters in the solo cup, it quickly weakens. It is made of ordinary plastic. As a result, it is not ready for the heating beverage in the microwave. So it’s not microwave friendly. To heat the water or beverage in the microwave, a safe container should be used.

What Can Happen

Usually, these cups are not designed for the microwaveable system or not for use in the oven. So if you use this cup in the microwave you may experience several problems. Generally, these cups are heated within a short time when placed in the microwave. It’s a common risk that when the cup is taken out, it can burn your hand. If the solo cup is heated for an extended time, it may melt. As a result, the microwave will be dirty and may have trouble cleaning; and the food will also be wasted.

Finally, you can keep your hot drink in the solo cup, but do not pun in the microwave to reheat it. However, you should buy a microwave-safe flask, which can keep your food warm all day long. It may the best investment for future use.

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