Samsung MS14K6000AS Reviews With Pros and Cons

Samsung is one of the most popular brands for kitchen appliances, and the MS14K6000AS is a great discovery for users. However, the Samsung MS14k6000AS microwave is one of the best budget Microwave too with a high-quality build and great performance. If you are looking for an affordable budget microwave oven, it may your great choice. You have to expend so much to get all functions and feedback from others oven.

Samsung MS14K6000AS Reviews

To fit the machine to your countertop is used 21.8 x 18.6 x 12.3 inches counter space. Though The MS14K6000AS is a large oven than other Models, good size too and perfect to fit any chosen location. Easily transferable anywhere in the microwave weighing 37.5lbs.

Feature Summary

Product Dimensions21.8 x 18.6 x 12.3 inches
Weight37.5 pounds
Capacity1.4 cubic_feet
ColorStainless Steel
Installation TypeCountertop
Voltage120 volts
Present functions10 presents


The Samsung MS14K6000AS Microwaves comes with a stainless-steel body with black frontage. Its one of the attractive kitchen appliances and will fit into any kind of kitchen like traditional and modern. It’s good stylish for black frontage and outside design and the primary color is silver of this Samsung Microwave oven.

The LED display shows up its neutrality, and high-quality design of this Samsung Microwave is not only for the outside but also on the inside. The high-quality design of the MS14K6000AS is an icon of Samsung as a brand, like this model, you’re getting a top-rated and premium Microwave oven. Interior body made by ceramic and it’s scratch counteractive.

Cooking Performance

The MS14K6000AS performs is very good when cooking any food according to your requirement that helps you to do your cooking process perfectly. It has 12 preset functions to cook food which is so effective to use to make specific food items by select those options. These are sensors controlled programs, for the reason cooking time and power are auto-set. The unite has pre-setting including pizza, popcorn, and potatoes and it also has auto defrost and Keep Warm settings. The MS14K6000AS ranks up for advanced technology from the Samsung brand.

Customer feedback is indicating its cooking performance, which is attractive and this microwave comes with ten power levels. So it’s so much efficient oven to cook any food, for many power selection and cooking presets.  The pre-set functions and power levels of this Microwave oven will reduce mind pressure when cooking any food, and the timer system helps you to set manually the cooking time when you want. For black frontage, you cannot see the internal cooking task.

The Samsung MS14K6000AS is perfect for cooking a large food item; especially the sensor system can decide that, how long time required to Cooke a food. This is another bonus with the Samsung Microwave for you, particularly for its low cost.

Ease of Use

Samsung MS14K6000AS  Microwave has an amazing touch screen control system which made it not only quicker and simpler to operate, but also highlight overall microwave quality. The quick dialer is easily understandable for its clear number and text. The door is operated by a push-button, so there is no handle for the door. There is no possibility to stick the push button when using it, although some customers think so, that is their misconception. The MS14K6000AS body is made from the best quality materials, so it is easy to clean.   

Pros and Cons


  • Decent sized microwave
  • Best budget Microwave for low-cost
  • Fit for all kinds of kitchen
  • Effective functions for cooking food
  • Smart color and good looking


  • Don’t use the handle to open door.

Final Thoughts

In a word, the Samsung MS14K6000AS Countertop Microwave Oven is a high-quality and best microwave at a reliable price. It comes by top brand and high technology used to make. As well as all features are attractive to any user. It’s the right choice to get better feedback and proper value for money.

So, now we have to finishing the Samsung MS14K6000AS Reviews today. I hope you enjoyed the episode. Best of luck.

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