How to Clean A Microwave Oven & Keep it Shiny

How to Clean A Microwave Oven

The microwave is one of the most used household appliances in everyone’s homes and one of the dirtiest. For this reason, it is important to clean the microwave daily.

It’s rapidity to heat food and the use that we give daily to make us neglect many times to have to clean it. Remains of food and fats that accumulate do not allow a good operation and reduce their efficiency. For this reason, we teach you a few tricks to clean the microwave and leave it gleaming.

The microwave oven can be full of food splashes that smell bad over time and make our appliance look terrible and worn. However, cleaning our microwave is simpler than it seems and is not expensive. Here we show you some ways to clean a microwave oven easily.


Best ways to clean the microwave

There are many ways how to clean a microwave oven! We try to explore that are very handy & easy to get in your kitchen appliance. We also mention to use baking soda, vanilla & some microwave cleaning products. Which are very cheap & available to your nearest store or get in online. Therefore, you do not worry to get all to shine your microwave ever!


Disinfect with vinegar

The first option is vinegar. Vinegar is one of the tricks that help to clean and disinfect the microwave. White vinegar is the most appropriate and its process is quite similar to lemon. Fill a glass with water halfway and add a tablespoon of white vinegar. We put it in the microwave and put it to heat for five minutes. In this way, steam will rise through the walls of the microwave and release the grease and dirt that has stuck.  When evaporating, the water with the vinegar will allow removing all the dirt that is in the microwave. We pass a damp cloth or a towel and go. Removed the glass tray and washed with the dishes in the dishwasher.


Clean with lemon

As we already know, lemon is a natural and perfect product for cleaning the microwave and many other household appliances. The first thing to do is squeeze the lemon and mix it with water. Cut the lemon in half and place it face down on the glass dish of the microwave with a tablespoon of water. Next, we light the microwave for two minutes and wait for the steam with the lemon juice to rise up the walls. We removed the container from the microwave and the steam that was generated will help to remove dirt, fats, and bad odor. Do not forget to pass a damp cloth to finish the process. Since all the dirt will come out quickly. It will be as good as new!



Fill a container with half of warm water and a considerable amount of liquid dishwasher. Put it in the microwave for a minute or until it starts to create steam and remove the container. Wet a damp sponge and clean the inside of the microwave. As in the previous cases, the steam will make the dirt take off more easily. We could add baking soda to eliminate odors too.


With clean glasses

Mix a part of hot water with two parts of glass cleaner and with a damp sponge or with a towel to clean both inside and outside the appliance. If the stain is late in leaving, just leave the solution for five minutes and then remove it with a clean towel. It is very important that you remove all the product with water and a damp towel, since the glass cleaner is toxic if it gets hot and falls into the food. Make sure that the entire product is gone before using the microwave again.



Mix four small spoons of vanilla in a bowl of water and take it to the microwave until it boils. Let the steam work for half an hour and clean the inside with a cloth or sponge. Thanks to the vanilla, it will smell great.


Baking soda

Another useful trick to clean the microwave inside consists of the following: To use baking soda that neutralizes the bad smell mixed with water. We boil ½ cup of water with a tablespoon of baking soda. After soaking, the cloth with this liquid to clean the microwave and besides that get rid of the bad smell that may be in it. For better results, you go smoothly and uniformly inside and outside the microwave and voilà! Impeccable and like new.


Specific microwave oven cleaner

There are many types of products that can help you clean the microwave. However, many of them create unpleasant odors and vapors that then remain inside it. You must be careful so that these products do not convey a strange taste to your food.

If you choose one of these, look for an odorless one and leave the microwave door open for a few hours after cleaning it.


How to avoid getting the microwave dirty when using it

The main thing is to use an anti-splash lid so that food does not splash when heated.

When you pour something, try to clean it immediately so that the remains of food do not stick.

After using it do not forget to leave the microwave door, open a couple of minutes to ventilate and dry.

Microwave cleaning is something that we should do regularly and after having used it and there are home cleaning remedies that in this case, we will use to remove all the dirt embedded.

Without effort, today you will learn how to clean a Microwave very dirty or to leave it as new using some very effective homemade and natural tricks with ingredients you probably have at home.

I hope you have liked these tips and tricks, how to clean a microwave oven and leave it as good as new. It is important to try to buy easy clean microwave so that our kitchen is always perfect.


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  1. I think someone used an oven cleaner on my self-cleaning oven. I live in an apartment. I have cleaned it through the regular electrical way and used this vinegar and baking soda. It still doesn’t look clean as a film of gray..HELP!

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