How to Clean an Electric Bread Slicer?

Did you ever wonder how the bakeries always have the perfect cut, even, and smooth piece of bread slice? It is, in fact, the work of a bread slicer. A bread slicer helps to save time and cut perfect bread loaves every time. It comes in different shapes and sizes. With the many brands manufacturing them, their design might also vary. But the basic electrical slicer is more or less the same in the market. But the good thing about it is that you can easily clean and maintain a slicer. So, a machine that can be used for both industrial and household purposes, how do we clean it? You can sit and relax because we are here to answer that for you.

What’s an electric bread slicer?

Before getting into the main question here, we must know what this equipment actually is. An electric bread slicer is handy kitchen equipment that is electricity-powered and is used for cutting bread loaves instantly and uniformly. As we know they vary in size. The larger ones are suitable for industrial/commercial use, the convenient ones can be found in your kitchen. These slicers are usually multi-purpose equipment. They can cut through anything tender into a bread slice shape, smoothly.

How often should an electric bread slicer be cleaned?

Bread leaves crumbs and over time they form big lots that can block passageways in between the mechanism. Thus, cleaning the slicer is not optional. You need to clean it once in a while. Now you need to determine how often your bread slicer needs to be cleaned. It depends on how much bread you slice at a time. If you go through about 50 Loaves a day it is better to clean it twice a week. But if the slice goes through almost 500 loaves a day, cleaning it every day would be best and the blades need to be changed every two months for efficient working experience.

How to clean an electric bread slicer

By now, we are well-known to the necessity of having a clean electric bread slicer. But how to do it? Just like any other electronic device, an electric bread slicer also has a certain procedure to get cleaned. Not doing the work in the right manner will cause nothing other than wastage of your time and effort. Let’s have a look into the right way to clean an electric bread slicer:

  1. Prepare your solutions: Start off by washing your hands and put on disposable gloves for your safety. After that, pour warm water and detergent into your wash container. Fill your rinse container with warm and clean water. Make sure that you fill the sanitizer bottle with the appropriate concentration of a sanitizing solution, and finally, take the solutions to the slicer.
  2. Unplug your slicer: To be extra cautious, turn the blade to zero and switch the device off. Finally, unplug the machine to avoid any unwanted situation.
  3. Change your gloves: At this point, remove the disposable gloves and put on a cut-resistant one in the hand that’ll be cleaning the slicer. Use a single-use glove on the other hand.
  4. Set the parts aside: At this point, you may need the help of the machine manual. Have a look at it and lift the main slicer plate using the handle. According to the manual, remove the blade plate. To remove the guard plate, you’ll have to turn the knob above the plate. And finally, disassemble the slicer following the manual.
  5. Remove the food residue: Carefully, using a spray bottle, spray sanitizing solution all over the slicer and wipe it using a clean regular towel removing the left-over food particle.
  6. Wash the slicer: Dip your multipurpose brush into detergent solution and using some pressure scrub the Control knobs, handles, seams, and screws. To clean the area between the blade and the guide, you’ll need to glide a heavy-duty towel through the groove. You may need to repeat the process to get all the particles out. You may dip the towel in detergent and clean other parts like the front and back of the blade, control knobs, handles, seams, screws, drip tray, and slicer stand. Dip the slicer brush in detergent and clean the center of the blade if needed.
  7. Time to rinse: Now it’s time to rinse your slicer with clean rinse water and a clean disposable towel.
  8. Do the sanitization: Read the manufacturer’s instructions and spray the sanitizing solution all over the slicer and allow it to sit and air dry. Make sure that the entire slicer is covered.
  9. Clean the disassembled parts: Now it’s time to wash, rinse and sanitize the dissembled slicer parts in the 3-compartment sink. Use the detergent solution to wash and rinse water to rinse. Finally, do the sanitization using the sanitizer. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best result.
  10. Finally, reassemble: Put back the blade plate over the blade and attach the guard plate to the guard. Turn the knobs to secure it and finally, plug the device in.

When should an electric bread slicer be cleaned and sanitized?

So now we know how you can get an electrical bread slicer cleaned, cleansed, and safe to use. How you determine if the machine needs cleaning or not is an important part of the process. Cleaning is usually a part of the machine maintenance which is a regular workshop. But if you are too caught up in work and hardly remember to clean, then there are some indicators that might catch your attention and you clean it.

First of all, the fallen crumbs can cause a blockage in the hollow places in the machine. This electrical machine disassembles in parts and the joint of every part will be affected if the machine is not cleaned. But It is not smart to wait for any mishaps to clean and sanitize the machine. If you want the blades and the machine to last longer and work efficiently as long then you should stick to the original plan, which is cleaning and cleansing twice a week and replacing blades once a year.

Bottom Line

Therefore, we can say that we have learned a very effective method to clean an electrical bread slicer. And this is how to clean an electric bread slicer. A slicer is different from a toaster or a blender. Apart from the mechanism, these electric equipment need to be replaced when any issue shows up. But a slicer can be cleaned and its blades can be replaced to regain effectiveness. So, this is how to clean an electric bread slicer.

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