Ultimate Guide on How to Choose an Electric Egg Cooker

Eggs are an essential part of our life as many of us like to start our day with a delicious bite of an egg. Cooking an egg seems very easy, but in reality, it’s not that simple. To cook an egg perfectly, there are some factors that you’ll have to keep in mind, for example, the type of egg cooking pot you’re using, cooking time, the temperature of the water, kind of egg, etc. If you cannot make a good hard-boiled egg, then it’s time to change your cooking method and bring an electric egg cooker in the house.

How to Choose an Electric Egg Cooker

Most of the time we have to face some problems to choose an egg cooker. In this case, if you know a few things before buying an egg Cooker, it will be easy to choose the best one.

So dear readers, this guide will help you to know how to Choose an Electric Egg Cooker.

Why should you have an egg cooker?

Often, we struggle a lot to crack the eggs and make a perfect omelet for breakfast. We try to find an easy solution as no one can make a complete meal in the morning, but sometimes, even an egg can make our lives complicated. If you have an electric egg cooker in your kitchen, the entire process will become extremely easy for you. You won’t have to worry about the utensils or the cooking time. You won’t even need to stand there all the time. Just place the eggs on the cooker, and you’re done; you’ll have the perfectly cooked eggs every single time.

Advantages of an electric egg cooker

Done with one-touch

Once you put the eggs on the cooker, you need to press the button, and that’s it. After you set the timer, you’ll have to press the button and wait for the perfectly cooked eggs, no more stressful mornings, no more running with a pot of water. An average electric egg cooker can quickly cook easily about half a dozen eggs at a time. Once the eggs are cooked, the buzzer will let you know that they are done.

Relatively more minor in size

Most of the kitchen gadgets are pretty bulky and takes a lot of space in the kitchen. But you can easily fit an electric egg cooker wherever you want as it takes very little space. The cookers that can cook 12 to 14 eggs are usually two-story, which means they won’t take much space either.

Multipurpose usage

An electric cooker doesn’t only boil eggs; starting from hard-boiled eggs to poached eggs, you can certainly choose your favorite style by pressing a button. Besides, you can also cook vegetables, steam dumplings, make seafood items, and so on.

Included tools

Usually, an egg cooker comes with tools to help you with the gadget—a holder tray, a poaching tray, measuring cup, recipe books, etc. You can go through the recipe book to create unique dishes with zero effort and minimum cooking time. The measuring cup will help you make a well-balanced dish. Also, you can use the stick attached to the cup to crack the eggs. Thus, an egg cooker is undoubtedly a versatile tool.

Types of egg cookers?

There are two types of egg cookers available in the market. They are-

  1. Microwave egg cooker: The microwave egg cooker is cheaper than an electric cooker. You can clean it as it allows to deconstruct.
  2. Electric egg cooker: It is on the pricier side, but it is portable and hassle-free.

What to look for when buying an egg cooker?

You’ll find various types of egg cookers in the market. So, once you decide to bring one into your house, you need to know some things to ensure that you’re buying the right one. Here are the things that you’ll need to keep in mind:

The capacity of the cooker

The first and most essential thing that you’ll have to see is the cooker’s capacity. This means the number of eggs you can put inside the cooker at a time. Some of the cookers come with multiple trays allowing to cook a different number of eggs at one time. An average cooker can cook around 6 to 7 eggs.


An alarm can be pretty annoying, but it is undoubtedly necessary for these types of gadgets. You can leave the eggs in the cooker and do other chores without worrying about burning or overcooking them. Once they’re done, the buzzer will let you know that it’s time to take them out. So, an alarm or buzzer is a necessary feature when it comes to choosing an electric egg cooker.

Material of the cooker

The build quality of the cooker is extremely important. The material used for the cooker usually ensures the build quality of the cooker. Typically, an electric cooker is made out of a mixture of aluminum, tempered steel, and plastic. The inside of the cooker is made out of metals with a heating plate. The outside is usually made out of colorful plastic coating as plastic tends to prevent heat. When you are buying an electric cooker, make sure that the cooker is higher in quality and the materials are solid.

Functional and convenient

An electric cooker has to be versatile as nobody would like to have the gadget to boil eggs. Besides, you won’t feel like eating boiled eggs every single day. So, when you’re buying an egg cooker, see if it allows you to cook multiple dishes along with poached eggs, scrambled eggs, steamed vegetables, and so on.

Easy features

The primary purpose of an egg cooker is to make our everyday life more straightforward. So, it needs to have all the features that’ll make the entire process easier. A sound alarm, different buttons to set the cooking time, on and off switch, etc., can be great examples. If the cooker doesn’t have any timer, it has to have the auto turning off the feature.

Bottom line

An electric egg cooker will undoubtedly make your life much easier if you can ensure that it has all the elements mentioned above. Of course, you can live without this beautiful gadget, but it will undoubtedly save a lot of time and effort. If you’ve already made up your mind about getting an electric egg cooker, then make sure you read the buying guide carefully, and you’ll be ready to make your life hassle-free.

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