Tuesday , June 15 2021


How Do You Use the Reheatza Microwave Crisper?

use the Reheatza microwave crisper

Do you want innovation in your kitchen? And want to cook food in the microwave with ultimate crisp and taste? Well, there’s an amazing product called Reheatza microwave crisper that works in multi ways like a grill, pan, pot, and cooker. How Reheatza microwave crisper works The Reheatza works on …

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Can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender for soup?

Hand Mixer

If you are also confused about can I use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender, then we got you? Now, as we know there is a lot of advancement in kitchen appliances that you can not differentiate them simply. Moreover, there are many tools that come with a …

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Are Solo Cups Microwave Safe or Microwaveable?

Solo cup

It’s the most asking question recently I heard, are solo cups microwave safe? Or are solo cups microwavable or not. I’m tried to finding the answer to the question and finally, I came to a decision. Ok, let me explain it. Are solo cups microwave safe In a word, we …

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How to Keep Pizza Warm? Let’s Try to Know

How to Keep Pizza Warm

How to Keep Pizza Warm? It’s as usual that everybody likes to eat a warm pizza as fast food. Because a hot pizza is best for eating, also warm toppings and cheese make it delicious. Cold pizza for lunch or dinner can disrupt your meal, so we cannot satisfy you …

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